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Nature awaits


 Nature awaits for her wanderers

But the wanderers’ mind is busy searching the unknown inside a squarer windows

Their Index Finger is keep smooching the window

Like my grandpa’s use to nudge the betel leaf

Generally the wanderers’ search inside the square windows

Shrinks inside Social Medias  & mostly ends with Facebook

Facebook – the only book; the wanderer reads  everyday

There are n number of authors

And the wanderer buys as many books as they can

Curious to know what others have written and many to show what they have written

All connect with each other with one button called “LIKE” button

This “LIKE” button is their “Emotional Filter”

Do they like?

As they really like it happily

Or hit the like

As they fume inside enviously

Or Feel little mockingly

Or crying with tears sadly

Or holding the grudge tactfully

Or pissing off someone cleverly

Or an invitation to like them

Or a gratitudinal act for liking them

Or just to impress

Or to express the boredom

 Nature still awaits for her wanderers to live & rejoice

But the wanderer feels they have it all in their mobile covers & downloaded wallpapers

And suffers  inside the illusionzed world of dellusioned emotions