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3 Life Lessons from Disney Moana 2016


I always think Disney comes with something to inspire & aspire and Moana stood very tall quenching those expectations.

  1. Coming out of the Comfort Zone is not a comfortable process:

We generally do things which are comfortable to us. We hardly think to come out of our comfort zone. If at all we make one step, we will immediately resume back if we undergo any pain. But the victory lies only when we have the power to pursue the temporary pain.

Moana loves to get into the sea but she pacifies herself as because her people say that island is safe & sea is dangerous. When she tries to get into the sea and gets hurt, she thinks what people said to her is true. But when she starts confidently  pursuing the pain of sailing through the sea, the nature helps to chase her dreams.

   2. Believing the Inside Voice:

The Insider in you knows who you are. It knows the secret of your birth. Just have a belief in it and keep following, it will take you where you need to be in life. It never cheats you.

Moana believed her inner voice and it took her to discover her “Voyage ancestors” which made her realize why she always wanted to sail.

   3. Take Responsibility of your Life 

We always believe that someday someone like Santa or a Fairy to come in our life to bring changes. But in real life it never happens. We have to erase those thought and of course erasing those thought may bring lot of resentments and disappoints.  It’s not the Santa or the Saturn ( in your horoscope) which is going to bring the change in your life. It is “you” who is going to bring change in your life!

Moana thinks Maui is the one who is going to save the world and keeps clinging to him. But when she starts taking charge and moves forward she realized that she has all the Powers to save the world and in the end she saves the world.