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The Dark side of Appealing Process in Appraisal

Mark is totally frustrated with his appraisal results. Though he knows his boss has ventilated all his hatred through the review process when he approached his boss to  consider, the only reply he got was “Its ok Mark, you have an option to appeal”. Now Mark has two options to choose; either just succumb and suffer in silence or raise an appeal with his boss’s boss and experience the consequences.

Not only Mark’s boss, most of the bosses still resolve their personal issues through performance review. From the management side, it is just the “Appeal Process” but if we look at the other side, I would say the dark side, the individual undergoes unwanted mental pressure during the process. The worst thing here is not just being rated as a “Low Performer” but experiencing the following traumas during the appeal process: –

Psychological inflexibility: The person will be either worrying about what has happened or ruminating about the future and in both the cases the person will not be available for the present moment and as a result he/she won’t be serving any valuable ends.

Post-mortem Pain: During the appeal process, the individual has to once again take all records, restore all the evidence which can prove himself/herself as a Performer. Now he/she will get all the evidence to sit and worry. “It’s very difficult to prove someone that you have worked than to actually work”. The pain will be even sharper if the person works in the Service Department because he/she has to objectively display all his/her “Subjective KRAs”.

Suppressed Emotions: Nowadays being professional is all about suppressing all your emotions. People hardly show their true emotions and it is more than impossible to show you are anger to the boss. Mark (in the above example) has actually controlled all his temper when he approached his boss to reconsider and even more when he asked him to give an appeal. A recent study says that the suppressed emotions are more dangerous than cancer. The individual experiences shame (when the news spreads his/her colleagues) anxiety and fear till the end of appeal process.

There are many MNCs like Accenture which has shifted their entire focus from the yearly appraisal process to a continuous feedback & review process. But many others companies in India which copied their system are still holding on to the procedures though they realize the system is neither beneficial to the company nor to the employee.

It May take another twenty years for us to really understand and implement the new way of getting works done from human and I pray Indians enjoy that period before they get replaced by machines.



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One thought on “The Dark side of Appealing Process in Appraisal

  1. The author has tried to bring out the reality in what happening in organisations in the name of Appraisal . However organizations need to do some kind of Appraisal you know.
    Good pl keeping going in writing.

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