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Freedom to be As I am

“Amma, Am I looking Good”?

Hey, Is this color ok for me?

Sri(my sweet husband), please tell …does this dress suits me?

Ah…from my childhood, I have always dressed with hell lot of self-doubts. And people have been most generous in telling me what doesn’t look good for me. But however I dress, they always have something standard to comment on my size, structure, complexion.Though I generally grew up not showing off anything on their face but inside I would have murdered them at least twice. The way they have pointed me, I totally have no idea how I have gone mad so much rather than questioning “why don’t you look something good at me” &  “Why don’t you see me as I am now”?

For me “To be As I am” would be the Ultimate Freedom. I want my inner self to recognize and appreciate “I am As I am” no matter what others say.

you are fat, try dieting”, “your face has pimples, try this ointment”. “you look stout in this dress, wear stripes, to look taller”, “you look old in spects, try lens”…

I want myself to be unchained from opinions of people. Why should I question when my mirror looks beautiful?  Let me not Toss my UNIQUENESS for the willingness to be included in a group unless and until I realize that change is for my Betterment.




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