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Stricken Freedom Under Devils’ Desire

I looked at my husband surprised when I found the “Femina” Magazine at our studying table. He said that he caught hold of  this magazine to raise the pay price  as because he was paying the shopkeeper through his Credit Card.Generally, he does not encourage me grinding those magazines as because of the stuff advertised. It is always very easier to hide the Stimulation rather than managing a crying baby.   I looked at my husband even more surprisingly, when the cover page had the ever stunning Star Shahrukh Khan. “Does my husband hate him because I like him or do I like him as because my husband hates him” is still one of the unanswered “which came first Chicken & Egg?” story in my home.

He  smiled at me when I took my favorite chair with a cup of coffee and sat on the balcony for reading this Magazine. I loved the chill breeze of the evening adding up spice to my reading mood. When I was flipping through the pages I couldn’t believe what my eyes were caught upon My First Threesome: Indian Women are becoming increasingly curious and adventurous. My eyes immediately rushed around to check are there anyone watching me reading this kinda stuff? After confirming to my inner self that no one is looking at what I read and more over I am now old enough (32 years) to read the Adult Contents I went inside the article to know what was inked down and what thoughts were communicated to the public. Maybe the women in the Public who has a luxurious life. Women who have a Luxury of financial independence with safety and security in the society. The more bewildered news for me was out of 15 women interviewed, 8 have accepted that they have experienced these “threesome” with their partners and they have reported this to be adventurous and Femina has listed down the Seven Commandments for experimenting “Threesome”.

Oops, I closed down the magazine, but couldn’t close my mind which questioned me with the line of thoughts. What kind of freedom these women are experiencing? What kind of relationship do they get into with their own partners? Don’t they feel possessive of one another?       I mean the Oneness, the Soul Relationships. What is the meaning of these words in their Dictionary? How do they manage the emotional instability which may break their relationship forever? Does this infer that they are even ready to face any consequences? What happens to the future of the kids who grow up under the shadow of these Parents?

Ok, let’s leave everything like Indian Culture, Heritage, cabbage etc. and etc.  Will the mind just stop with “Threesome”?  It’s like a Sleeping Tablet. Every time you approach the doctor, the dosage alone will increase, but not your sleep. If we start to feed our mind with these kinds of activities ok let me name it as creativities, it’s never going to end. Every time it’s gonna ask for New and of course for More. And when the mind asks, hearts’ inhibitions will stand nowhere in front of the Devils’ Desire. And all our Invention and creations both positive and negative are the standing Proof Devils’ Desire.



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