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Astrology and Positive Psychology

Yesterday, I came home with frustrations because of some  office politics. Appraisals have been released and as usual  burnouts. I struggled for some time to get out of those thoughts. After hearing songs for a while, I went for battering dosa for dinner and that’s when my mom called me over the phone. Though it was a usual call of concern, her voice sounded whining when I answered her that I did not visit Temple for last one month.

She started threatening me that things may turn bad if I don’t go to Temple. As any daughter would know the key for their mothers’ problems, I asked her pretending to be curious “what is the status of my Star?” She then slowly opened up saying, Gayu do you know the transit of Jupiter is happening on coming 2nd August? It is shifting to the 9th  house of your Star. It seems it is not at all auspicious. And moreover, you are already in the realm of seven and half Saturn. So should be very careful in office, home, with colleagues, family members,  friends, neighbors, strangers. I wondered for a second who has been missed in the caution circle? I said fine for everything and disconnected the call. I did not react. Actually, I did not want to share my fear with her as I know she won’t be able to manage if I do.

I switched on my laptop and started asking Google about the Jupiters’ Transit like a scientist wishes to know where is his satellite.Browsed as many pages as I can and watched Youtube videos. I almost consumed the maximum limit of my data package. Weirdly, every bit of information on the internet was resonating the voice of my mom. I felt totally shattered. I shut down my laptop and my eyes. The information reverberated in my mind.My imaginations overwhelmed. I felt as if thousands of species are going to attack me and I am aware of what is going to bite me and where they are going to bite me including the exact time. Suddenly, my mobile beeped with a notification from a facebook putting an end card to the thoughts  which were multiplying like a dengue mosquito laying millions of eggs.

I took the mobile like plucking a baby from a grim orphanage.Maybe I was feeling like an Orphan. I swiped my notification status and it showed “Priya Liked and shared your status”.I clicked on that notification which read as “our brain receives 11 million bits of information per second but process only 40 bits of information. Are we really focussing our brain towards best information? – From the book “Happiness Advantage”

I was awestruck. What Am I doing all the time? What information am I giving to my brain? Am I feeding my mind with Positive News? Is this the best 40 bits of Information I am giving to my mind? Instead of feeling guilty, I felt good. I thanked God for giving me a real-time opportunity to understand how in just a  fraction of seconds we become slaves for the negative thoughts.

Who has escaped from the Saturn or any planet in their Lifecycle? All the Nine stars have to revolve as the Earth revolves around the Sun.They have to change their place. In management sense “Change is Inevitable”. The horoscopes and Astrology which started as caution and a science prediction tool are now used as commercial tools.The people in those fields paly with the “fear factors” of common people and list down pariharams(remedies – to ward off the evil effects caused by the planets). I think there should be an underworld business on what item to be sold under the list of Pariharams. And you can see in some temples Pariharam items being sold inside the temple itself. But I am in no way against Temples. Temples do have Positive Vibration and there are lots of Science behind them.But I hate the way God is being commercialized.

Life  carries both sides of Experiences. Negatives teaches lessons and Positives provide memories. Happiness is how you take those experience and Sucess comes on how happily you have dealt those experience.



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