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4 Steps to stay Focused & stay Productive


How many times in the middle of a work, our Hero (mind) is caught by the Villan (wandering thoughts) and we start doing the same work all over again?

All these days as shown in many movies, we have been trying to strengthen our Hero by sending him to many Mind-Gyms with a huge cost for defeating the Villan.

This time, why not take an easy route : just defeat the Villan by weakening his strengths?

Before we try to improve our focus, we must know where we loose it. We lose our focus, because of our destruction pattern. Generally, the destruction pattern takes this following root:

First : we choose to focus consciously Eg: To sit for writing an article as I am doing now

Second : Attention Wanders Unconsciously Eg: I think about the likes which I got in my earlier posts

Third : We wake up from the unconscious mind by the trigger of our conscious mind Eg. Getting back to what I am writing now

Fourth : Return to the Origin consciously. We may get back to the work or once again get caught by the wandering thoughts and get into the pattern once again.

 Identify and tap the destruction pattern to improve the focus.

The more we do this, the wandering time will automatically decrease and attention will increase

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