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Review of Iraivi Movie

A round of applause for the director, the actors and the team members of the movie for taking up such thought provoking plot. It needs lot of guts to do a movie like this. Yet still characterization could have been still better for making the story more effective. The actors have played the part very well.

Bobby simha as Jagan: He is shown as a college student who gets disturbed even if one person is not attentive in the class and that too when a video showcasing “Significance of Women Sculptures”. He knows his brothers’ family is getting affected because of the alcohol and intensively feels for it when he is under the influence of Alcohol. He strongly believes that if the Iravi is not happy and respected, there is no harm in kidnapping the same, handing it over to the Foreigner and making money out of it. He talks a lot about how Iravi should be but never attempts to sculpt it.

Vijay Sethupathi as Michael: An emotional jerk who works without his brain

S.J Surya as Arun: A drunkard who chooses to be unhappy to hide his own non-resilience nature. He typically depicts his father(Radha Ravi) who goes with the flow of their sons. Though he is portrayed as a famous Sculptor, he never makes an attempt to sculpt.

Guru : Who has “buddha Idol” and holds “book on Peace” but treats patients violently. His Anger and Buddha are total contra.

Malar: Who lost her husband and has sex with Michael. When approached for marrying, she says, he is just a friend for her. when he finally moves-out cries like his lover. Totally Confusion Element.

Anjali as Ponni : A village girl who gets molded according to the environments’ culture and values.

Kamalini as Shalu: A self-confused city women who wishes to raise against the flow but chooses to settle with the flow for the sake of safety, security and future.

Vadivukarasai as Mother : typically represented the audience who keept hearing and seeing what is happening in the movie but could not react for two reasons :
1. The hype created by the movie in the media
2. Paid for the movie ticket



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