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Negotiation Skill



Find a solution that is acceptable by both the parties and leaves both the parties feeling that they have won, in some way,after the event. In short arising to a “Win-Win” situation.

Why : There can’t be two decision for one issue.


When there are two or more persons involved in a decision-making process, each member will have different perspectives. Hence, to resolve the differences Negotiation is used.

Which : Though there are various styles in negotiation, the style you choose should create a goodwill

How To master the Skill, apply 4Ps & 3Qs

Principal: Know the Content and use your communication accordingly
Person: Know the personality of the client & yourself
Power: Know the strength of the client & yourself

IQ:Intelligent Quotient
EQ: Handle the emotions
F.Q:Your expertise on the function/subject



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