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Do Not let the Technology to ruin your inner self!

How often we see our smartphone & click the “refresh” button on the Facebook, Twitter, Mails, WhatsApp??

When do we actually do this? In the middle of an important task? Between an essential meeting? Certainly No.

Generally, we do this when we feel alone, feel bored, feel irritated, feel restless with someone and we don’t what want to show them that we are disturbed because of them.

If we closely watch ourselves we would be aware that the Technology is taking the place of a cigarette or any other drug in that case. They are taking us very far away from ourselves.

Feeling bored to talk to someone, feeling irritated, say to yourself first  “Yes,  I feel bad/sad” instead of swiping the social media or your inbox.

Let’s first get connected to self before connecting to the outside world.



First Woman in India Designated as EQ fellow from | Sr. Executive HR - BHEL | Instructional Designer | Content Writer | EQ Assessor | NLP Practioner | TA Practioner

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