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Best Boss of the Month


Awarding the Best Employee for his contribution in developing her/is Subordinate.


Here, let’s ask why not?? People join the company for its brands but many leave only because of their bosses. If a boss plays such a crucial role in employee retention strategy, then why  he/she is not being recognized for being the best Boss?


The award scheme can be  applied  to any company  especially in IT/ITES  Sectors where retaining the talent becomes a Herculean task.


It depends on the companies’ availability of resources. As the time Resource takes the larger pie of the cake in planning, the company can either go with Quarterly or at least annual basis.


Like 360 degree/270 degree appraisal,  channels can be designed to assess the best boss based on the feedback given by the subordinates.The more subjective the assessment, the more best will be the output.


The criteria which shall be assessed are given below:

  • His/her accountability towards subordinates’ failure : Shri. Vikram Sarabhai of ISRO
  • An Eye for Talent: Steve jobs personally interviewed over 5,000 applicants during his lifetime, managing all the hiring for his team.
  • Support flexible work arrangements.
  • Provide/Nominate Leadership Education.
  • Effective in Social Skill.
  • Rescue the worst employee through mentoring and coaching.

The above list is just illustrative and not exhaustive. This fixation of criteria is left to the management decision as to which kind of leaders the company wishes to throne for future business.




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