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6 Tips to Tap the “Millennials-in-Demand”

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  1. Create an application that is short, user-friendly, and easily completed through mobile devices.
  1. Communicate early, clearly and often -responses to applicants must be quick and action-oriented.
  1. Reduce the timeline for your selection process; in-demand candidates won’t wait weeks for your decision
  1. Rather than designing a barrage of questions intended to ferret out candidate’s darkest employment-related secrets, train interviewers in respectful, conversational interviews that cover the necessary questions in a non-confrontational manner.
  1. Treat the interviewee as ifs/he has already joined the team. It is easier for candidates to visualize a company switch when they meet and like their potential colleagues in advance.
  1. Candidates know their skills are in demand in today’s job market; come up with creative alternatives to offset the difference in pay if you can’t meet their requests.




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